Josh Peng

Full-Stack Data Scientist

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Welcome to...

messy data, quick fixes

Hey all, this blog is about all the quick and dirty tips and tricks I’ve come across while in the field. I’m hoping to cover all things data, not just the “science” part that everyone is so enamored over. There’s so much more that happens while making the sausage that is just as magical as “science”. Enjoy!

Oh, and, “Hi, I’m Josh”.

I’m a data professional with a heavy background in fintech and business. Previously a day trader and formerly the lead product manager at NinjaTrader (trading software company).

Financial markets have been my oyster for the past decade and, honestly, it’s pretty hard to stay away from for long. I’m always itching to get in on the next aggressive investment. Maybe someday this blog will also cover a bit of data science ↔ trading.

In the meantime though, I’ve dabbled up and down the data stack as a data scientist at hush and now the senior data engineer @ Clutter, solving all kinds of problems in the self-storage space. I’m heavily involved in the full life cycle of data.

  • Data Engineering: ETLs and ingestors
  • Data Warehousing: Kimball dimensional modeling
  • Analytics: Product analytics, cohort analysis, marketing attribution, and finance
  • Visualizations: Dashboards and KPI reporting via Looker, Periscope, Tableau
  • Predictive Modeling: Customer churn/LTV, recommender system, inventory planning